Financy Glossary
The online dictionary of financial terms



Take A Bath

Slang for losing a large amount of money on an investment.



TED Spread

Treasury EuroDollar Spread.

The TED Spread is the difference between US Treasury bills and EuroDollar futures contracts.



The Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) is a futures exchange in Tokyo, Japan.


Thin Market

A thin market is characterized by few bids, few offers and few trades, as well as high spreads and high volatility.


Ticker Symbol

The ticker symbol is an abbreviation used to identify securities, e.g. on the exchange floor and in newspapers.

Using abbreviations instead of the full name saves space, and the practice was developed in an era where the telegraph was an important tool for transmitting information.


Tight Market

A market characterized by high volumes and small spreads.



Slang for the highest bid and lowest offer quote (for a stock) offered by competing market makers.


Tracker Fund

A fund aiming to achieve the same return as a certain index.

Typically, a tracker fund will pick a share index and invest in all the companies included in that index, in accordance with a market value weighting.

Tracker funds invest in a programmatic way and can therefore keep costs down. There is no need for the fund to pay for the services of analysts, researchers and active fund managers.


Triple Witching Hour

The Triple Witching Hour is the last trading hour on the third Friday of March, June, September and December when options and futures on stock indices and options on individual stocks expire concurrently.

The Triple Witching Hour is known to be volatile.



In technical analysis, the tweezer is a pattern where two or more candlesticks touch the same bottom (tweezer bottom pattern) or top (tweezer top pattern).